About Back Hair Advocate

Back Hair Advocate is over. But maybe not forever…


5 thoughts on “About Back Hair Advocate

  1. jasonrolfe says:

    I began working on a flash fiction submission for your magazine. The flash piece turned into a short one act play involving vodka, Russian ballerinas, and an elephant. I’m not sure whether or not you’re looking for short one act plays involving vodka, Russian ballerinas, and elephants so I thought I’d ask before submitting. If it makes any difference at all, the elephant is of the Asian variety. If you are looking for short plays, please let me know! Otherwise I shall start working on something less play-ish. Cheers!

    • jason, this is perfectly bizarre. Vodka, Russian ballerinas, and elephants are our three favorite things. Elephants used to be number 4, and poetry number 3. But the last time I read a poem, I didn’t understand it, and it made me really angry and so poetry dropped to number 4, and elephants took its place. Sorry if I sound like a mad man.

      But what I am trying to say is yes, yes, yes, please send this play over and please send it over now!

  2. holdenlyric says:

    haha great-not-so-team-y work, Ian!

    You’re on my list of “the rounds” now of places I submit to every few months. I’m not too funny, though.

    Do you consider work that has been published on WordPress previously if I were to take it down?

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